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"Anyone willing to learn, practice, and study can excel at applying NMT. You need to be willing to expand your mind beyond what you are told or thought possible, because miracles happen daily. Some examples: 30 years of chronic pain gone in a 40 -minute session, allergies gone in a session, autistic kids who have had improved eye contact, decrease of hyperactivity and allergies, more optimal handling of sensory input and more."

Luminara Serder
Eugene, OR

"If you apply what is taught within NMT, you will finally have a tool to help the most difficult patients. THe implications of what it is, and how it works, offer you an insight into the nature of reality that are worth much more than the price of addmission to a seminar. All you need is an open mind, a desire to know more about the world around you, along with a bit of dedication to adopt new concepts, and you will soon be one of the most sought afte practitioners once you integrate this system and understanding into your practice."

Matt Buckley, D.C.
Austin, Texas

"My first approach to NMT was as a desperate, chronic fibromyalgia patient. I finally came across NT and after a few treatment sessions, no meds or supplements, and had amazing life-changing results. Now, as an NMT trained psychologist I use no other healing method. This is my fourth year as a full time, solely NMT practice. I treat babies, children, teenagers, and adults with various complaints which include: allergies, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue, physical and emotional trauma, autoimmune diseases, addictions, gastritis, neurological issues, and even conditions that have defied medical diagnosis. My patients have great results quickly and this means many new referrals to my practice. NMT has transformed my life and my practice in the most wonderful way. "

Diana Morales, Ph.D
Mexico City, Mexico

"I recommend this technique in creating changes in clients that have failed many popular healing techniques. I had a chance to do some pioneer research in Singapore with Joseph Guan, PhD on Autistic children which later Robert Weiner, PhD was able to more formally substantiate the efficacy consistently finding improvement on these children. My experience involving myself included recovery from resistant allergies particularly asthma, hives, and rhinitis. In the realm of food allergies, I have experienced success in treating severe peanut allergy. NMT;s foundation is "Quantum Mechanics" and this approach transcends all modalities of healing technology utilizing 'intention' on the market today. NMT principles will allow participants to understand who their techniques work and will make them work better. One will finally shed the linear cause and effect approach to life and begin to understand and embrace the interconnectedness of all lives beyond the present existence. It is easy to perform and easy to learn. Anyone that can hold an intention can do it. "

Than Aw, MD
Fresno, CA

Discover the one cause of illness and pain that no pill can cure and no surgery can repair.  

Every person has a blueprint for healing, an innate capacity to transform illness into wellness.  When that blueprint is distorted and the mind-body’s systems to repair and restore itself have become confused, the body becomes stuck in illness and fails to heal itself the way it was designed to do.  Discover the NeuroModulation Technique (NMT) method of “informational medicine” and learn the key to unraveling and correcting the informational basis of illness, and suffering.

Developed in the United States by Dr. Feinberg and taught by him since 2002 in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Europe. NMT is unique in the healing world.  NMT Universal Care is a safe, effective, and non-invasive way to create in the mind-body a spectacular and immediate healing transformation. 

You don’t need to be a health care professional to learn NMT Universal Care.  Are you interested in learning how you can heal yourself?  Are you a mom or dad who wants to protect the health of their children, friends, and family?  Are you a health care professional who wants to learn state of the art “informational medicine” that you can use your first day back in your office?  Then NMT Universal Care Workshop is for you!

"This NMT technique is quite amazing... I have read a few great books dealing with Quantum research and NMT seems for me the first clear and logical health-application of this information. NMT Universal Care is quite clear and easy to understand considering the huge amount of information and in my experience during the workshop, beyond to testify immediate results obtained with this technique, is the expansion of consciousness toward its full potential what draws me to this technique. We all saw very impressive results in some participants. NMT may not be for everyone, but if you give yourself permission to take a new approach to a particular health problem and try NMT, it's quite possible you too may have a great response and find that you want to learn NMT for yourself and recommend to your friends."

Fernando Castillo
Mexico City

"I want to share my experience about NMT Universal Care. First, I want to say that I first knew of NMT because of my daughter. She used to be sick all time and I took her to an NMT practitioner and her health improved so much that I had to take the NMT Universal Care seminar to learn to care for my family myself. Right after the seminar I was able to do NMT and produce great responses. It has been a wonderful growth experience for me. NMT is very easy to learn and to practice, even for a lay person like me. I have been helping my family and some friends. They are very grateful for this work and have had wonderful changes in their health. Just imagine. I have been able to do this myself!!!" I feel so good about the results. I never thought that I could heal somebody, but the results have been very fast, especially correcting infections and emotional suffering. One of my first NMT treatment experiences was a very special case. My friend´s father died three weeks ago. She was very distraught. After he died she was coughing constantly and her chest was tight and restricted. So, the first day I treated her, the cough disappeared, even though she previously had no improvement from taking antibiotics for almost a month. Wow!! That was amazing for me. NMT made the passage through her grief so much easier. I just want to say ‘Thank´s Dr. Feinberg’. "

Gabriela Garcia
Mexico City

"NMT is a technology that will bring one back into Homeostasis without the drugs, surgery, etc. It works at the deepest level and aids the client in healing on a multitude of levels. NMT is the main technology that I use in my practice. It is used within all programs designed in my practice from structural, nutritional, emotional, relationships, etc."

Heather Pearman, DC
New York

"NMT is by far the most profound and effective modality I have seen!"

Connie Prodromou L.Ac
San Rafael, CA

"NMT is not a treatment, it's a way of life!"

Rose Navarre, RN, BSN
Metamora, MI

"I think any health professional worth his salt is always on the lookout for ways to better serve his patients and still be within the scope of practice of his or her license. Through the urging of a colleague I attended the initial NMT seminar and was presented with a brand new paradigm for improving health. Dr. Feinberg has developed a subject that is no pale "improvement" on something already in use. It's a completely new idea that is simplicity itself. This means that come Monday morning you can apply it to the first patient through the door and start getting results immediately. Two thumbs up way up! "

Dr. Roger Barnes, DC
Bozeman, MT, USA

"I took the NMT Comprehensive seminar in Dec,2003, and during the seminar I was treated by Dr. Feinberg for irritable bowel syndrome that I had since 1978. In particular, for the last eight years I have had frequent bouts of intense pain from the IBS, with cramping, bloating, diarrhea, etc. I am a D.C. with training in many, many techniques, including TBM, energy therapy, attunement, meridian therapy, etc, but my IBS was virtually non-responsive to any technique I've received, either from myself or others. I received a few more NMT treatments over the next several weeks after the seminar, and for the past 6-7 weeks, I have had absolutely zero symptoms of IBS ~ no pain, no diarrhea, no bloating, no cramping, and I can eat anything I want without discomfort! NMT has been a miracle in my life, and in such a short period of time too. Dr. Feinberg is a genius for creating such a powerful yet simple system of healing. Not only has it helped me restore my health and basically given my life back to me, it has been an incredible technique to offer to my patients. My only regret is that I didn't learn NMT much sooner than I did. I would encourage any practitioner of the healing arts to learn NMT as soon as you can ~ it's certainly the wave of the future!"

Dr. Larry J. Herbig, DC
Kansas City, MO

"NMT in Children I am a NMT practitioner who worked with a 2-year-old child that was adopted from an orphanage in China when she was 6 months old. The conditions at the orphanage were less than ideal but the adopted mother had no way of knowing what the child had experienced. Now at age 2, she was terrified of having a bath to the degree that her mother could only bathe her once a week, and that was very traumatizing. She also had frequent nightmares. We worked predominately with anything we imagined might have happened in the orphanage or what the child might have experienced emotionally. After two visits the child was tolerating her baths better, and after four visits, the baths were completely trauma free and the nightmares had stopped. I recently treated the second adopted child for anything she may have picked up at the orphanage (although her experience seemed much less traumatic than the first child's) and a year and a half later, the first child is still doing fine. Children do extremely well with NMT - the conscious understanding is important on the part of the practitioner, not the client. Your child's other than conscious nervous system will get the message and clear whatever is addressed and pertinent to them. Good luck and keep the NMT faith. "

Linda Allchin, RN
Livonia, MI

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