NMT Universal Care Workshop

NeuroModulation Technique

The Feinberg Method

NMT is something truly unique in alternative healing - the most comprehensive, specific, and complete protocol of "informational medicine" to empower efficient personal transformation for healing, wellness, peace of mind, and prosperity.

Health is not static because LIFE is not static. New challenges to health and new stresses arise every day.

NMT is not burdened by the limitations found in disease-oriented methods of healthcare!

Used proactively, NMT can help the mind-body be aware of and respond to these challenges as they arise to help us stay well! How much wiser it is to maintain the health we have than struggle to regain health after it has slipped away?

An Introduction to NMT

NMT brings relief of a variety of issues including:

Food and environmental allergies
Acute and chronic pain syndromes
Emotional and psychological trauma
Many autoimmune and inflammatory conditions
Chronic, acute, and sub-clinical infection

Many people believe that illness results from some external affliction that viciously attacks the mind-body. The NMT position is that illness is the inevitable result of informational confusion and faults in the systems responsible for regulating body functions. Making them unable to produce the balanced internal-body state that wellness requires. A good example of this is food allergy. The immune system is so confused that the body damages itself by its misguided reaction to a food that it should see as beneficial nutrition.

Seen in this light, illness or “dis-ease” in the body happens by default when the mind-body is not sufficiently aware of its internal conditions and the requirements for healing.

Muscle Response Testing (MRT)

NMT uses a unique form of dynamic muscle response testing (also known as dynamic MRT) as we apply our NMT protocol to train the mind-body toward the more valid and complete informational state required to release our natural capacity to heal.

Click below for a free workshop for anyone who is interested in knowing more about how MRT works within the process of NMT sessions. 

Muscle Response Testing (MRT) Workshop
Discover the one cause of illness and pain that no pill can cure and no surgery can repair.
Find an NMT Practitioner near you.

Discover the NeuroModulation Technique (NMT) method of “informational medicine” and learn the key to unraveling and correcting the informational basis of illness, and suffering.

You don’t need to be a health care professional to learn NMT Universal Care. Are you interested in learning how you can heal yourself? Are you a mom or dad who wants to protect the health of their children, friends, and family? Are you a health care professional who wants to learn state of the art “informational medicine” that you can use your first day back in your office? Then NMT Universal Care Workshop is for you!

NMT Universal Care Workshop

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