Axioms of NMT : The Assumptions From Which We Begin

The human nervous system reflects two major divisions.

Conscious mind - That part of mind upon which internal reflection and recollection is possible. This aspect of mind interacts with the external world and creates tactics and strategies of interaction with the world outside.

Other than conscious mind" (OTC) - That part of mind that continuously monitors internal processes and directs development, repair, and homeostasis.

Both the conscious mind and OTC are intelligent systems, though different in nature as is appropriate to their different duties. The OTC should not be thought of as a "collection of reflexes".

The Autonomic Control System (ACS) is the multi-level other than conscious information processing system of the body comprised of the CNS, AutNS, Intracellular Nanomemory, Morphogenic "shape forming" fields which ideally function in a coherent and interactive manner to regulate human health.

Life processes do not tolerate much random activity. The process of maintaining homeostatic balance reflects a being's continuous monitoring of the internal and external environment and the determination and application of the most efficacious physiological responses to such ongoing change.

All processes going on in the body at any time are the manifestation of sets of instructions that occur at the various levels of the body's information processing system.

All living things attune to an Innate Intelligence that informs and animates the processes of development and healing responses in a perfect manner and within the limitations of the physical laws of the universe. The value of NMT (or any energetic medicine) is proportional to its capacity to identify and resolve any conditions that interfere with the ability of the information processing systems of the self to maintain optimal coherence with this Innate Intelligence. Some NMT clinical pathways are narrow in subject focus and some very broad. Regardless of the topic of the pathway, the purpose is always the same: to resolve the confusion that prevents the ACS from attaining attunement to this Innate Intelligence to best direct life's processes.

Any information processing system can experience errors.

When such errors occur, any information thus affected which contributes to determination of physiological operations will contribute toward pathophysiology and degradation from optimal health.

The OTC is capable of communicating in an iconographic "picture language".

This appears to be a proto-language that predates learned human languages. It may be the structure of this OTC level language that is reflected in observations of linguists (Chomsky) that human cultures that never had contact during the period when they formed language have unexplainable similarities in grammar and syntax.

Some form of such language is apparently inherent in all living things and the existence of this may reflect the way in which a universal field of consciousness (Innate Intelligence) is perfused throughout all that exists. Consequently, OTC level communication can be engaged in as clearly when the subject is a newborn infant, an animal, or a mature educated adult human being.

It is possible for a practitioner to become adept at precisely structuring a thought in their conscious mind and then "transducing" that thought into this OTC level language and to direct by their conscious intention the delivery of this OTC level message to a particular subject.

This OTC communication can be directed by the clear focused intention of the practitioner in such a way that the meaning of the communication is immediately perceived and understood by the OTC of the subject the practitioner has engaged in such OTC/OTC communication. This occurs in a non-local fashion in the sense that physicists describe non-locality so that distance between practitioner and subject is irrelevant.

The NMT practitioner can not monitor the response of the subject's OTC by vocal responses from the subject since only the conscious mind controls speech. The OTC can modify physical responses to produce a clear "yes/no" binary sort of response. Therefore, muscle response testing (MRT) is a convenient way to read such responses as a fluctuation in the quality of contraction of a selected test muscle. Galvanic skin response instrumentation (BioMeridian and others) can be used to monitor OTC responses of the subject using the medium of skin sweat gland control to read these responses.

The NMT system is organized into NMT Clinical Pathways. Each pathway is an algorithm, a set of query and correctional statements organized around some particular window into the physiology of the body, e.g., the NMT Allergy Pathway, the NMT Sensory/Motor Pathway.

Each NMT Clinical Pathway is structured to permit the NMT practitioner to apply this specific and organized set of questions to investigate and identify errors in the information processing system of the body as related to the subject matter of the particular NMT Clinical Pathway.

Based on OTC responses from the subject to such queries, the NMT Clinical Pathway recommends specific corrective statements to be delivered by the NMT practitioner to the subject.

Because the OTC is an intelligent information processing system created for and committed to optimizing the health and vitality of the body, it will recognize the more correct operational choices identified and transmitted to the subject's OTC by the NMT correction process. The subject's OTC will elect to apply this information to effect a more physiological operation of body processes.

NMT utilizes a format for helping the patient that calls for applying a decision tree to prioritize which NMT Clinical Pathways are used. The goal of the NMT system is to thoroughly identify the various informational faults that are contributing to illness behavior and eliminate those faults. The resolution of such informational error in the bio-computer of the body removes important obstacles preventing the otherwise natural and expected movement of the system as a whole in the direction of health.

NMT recognizes that other factors may contribute to illness. Fresh trauma that has not completed the healing process, toxins that paralyze the enzymatic machinery of the body, a deficiency of required nutrients, and other such factors may co-exist with the informational errors that are the main focus of NMT corrections. These must be considered when they are a significant piece of the clinical picture.


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