NMT 2018 Symposium

Watch the Symposium from 2018. Gain valuable knowledge from other practitioner's presentation, updates and experiences shared.

Learning the nuts and bolts of NMT is fundamental, but some of the most important lessons for NMT practitioners comes from clinical experience in the form of nuance and insight into how to manage and follow a case. All of you have insights in this regard and a presentation on a particular case or types of cases and how you approach your NMT decision making would be welcome by all NMT’ers. I know many of you have been working with the Cell Danger Response Pathway. I’m really thrilled with the results I’m seeing and hearing from many of you. This CDRP is a rich mine of healing with extraordinarily broad applications. I hope some of you will share your experiences with CDRP in your practices.

You are the working embodiment of NMT in the world and I hope you will engage with the rest of our NMT community to share what you have learned from your clinical experience at the coming Symposium.

A word for those of you NMT’ers who have been out of the NMT training loop for a while. I know you are having great results applying your previous NMT training. However, a lot has changed in the NMT world and if you have been out of touch for a while you can’t imagine the value of new NMT tools and insights that we’ve generated in recent years. Don’t miss out. Watch the October 2018 seminar and move your NMT work to a new level.

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