Current Practitioner Membership

What is included in NMT Connected Membership?

  • Access to Universal Care Online Training with the Newest Updates and All Materials needed available for download.
  • Also Included is access to Previous Symposiums recorded and uploaded online for viewing and training purposes. 
  • Your Practice information included on our Practitioner Listing  with a Map Search Feature to help guide clients your way once your training is completed. As an added bonus, each connected member gets a Bio Page attached to the practitioner listing to add a little more about your practice and/or YOU! 
  • Online Forum Support - helps you keep in contact with the other NMT Practitioners in our community, and inspire others by contributing your own experiences with the technique on our message board.
  • And... yearly attendance at the NMT Symposium!!

ALL for only $99.00 a month!

*This purchase requires a 36-month minimum membership term.

* This purchase requires completion of Universal Care Levels A, B, and C.


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