Universal Care Level A

The first step in learning NMT- Neuromodulation Technique The Feinberg Method.  Here you will learn the basics of NMT and how to apply them.

This online course covers:

  • The importance of Muscle Response Testing( MRT) and how to apply MRT to navigate the NMT protocol. 
  • The basics of what NMT is and how to apply the healing principles or NMT.
  • What table metrics are and mean in NMT.
  • The first eight core pathways
    • TP - Toxins in the Body Pathway
    • PAETP- Pathophysiologically Anchored Emotional Tone Pathway
    • AAIP - Allergy & Adverse Inflammation Pathway
    • ASTP - Adverse Seed Thought Pathway
    • IATFP - Infectious Agent & Toxic Flora Pathway
    • SMP - Sensory Motor Pathway
    • ASP - Affective States Pathway
    • OHIP - Optimal Health Image Pathway

At the completion of Universal Care Level A, one has the basic understanding of NMT, the Feinberg Method to start using the pathways and mastering the MRT technique within the NMT protocol.

Universal Care Level A is taught by the creator of NMT, Dr. Leslie Feinberg, DC. Dr. Feinberg developed the technique in 2002 and has taught it all over the world as well as uses it within his own practice. 

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