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 NMT is something truly unique in alternative healing - the most comprehensive, specific, and complete protocol of "informational medicine" to empower efficient personal transformation for healing, wellness, peace of mind, and prosperity. Ideal for all health care professionals and easily learned by individuals who want to improve the health and wellness of themselves, family, and friends. Discover here what you have been looking for. Unlock the infinite potential of quantum consciousness, now!

The Significance of Informational Medicine

The informational basis of illness and disease may be the most common, yet the most overlooked roadblock to healing. NMT is best described as “informational medicine,” because it works to identify and correct the informational source of illness - the confusion that can interrupt our innate healing mechanisms.

Many people believe that illness results from some external affliction that viciously attacks the mind-body. The NMT position is that illness is the inevitable result of informational confusion and faults in the systems responsible for regulating body functions, making them unable to produce the balanced internal-body state that wellness requires. A good example of this is food allergy, where the immune system is so confused that the body damages itself by its misguided reaction to a food that it should see as beneficial nutrition.

Seen in this light, illness or “dis-ease” in the body happens by default when the mind-body is not sufficiently aware of its internal conditions and the requirements for healing.

The mind-body is a self-correcting system that always seeks to find and maintain the balanced internal state in which optimal health and vitality thrive.

Every person also carries compromising effects of previous disease, trauma, and aging. Skilled practitioners use NMT as a tool to evaluate all of these unique factors and optimize the body’s resources to regain wellness.

The Preventative Aspect of NMT

Health is not static because LIFE is not static. New challenges to health and new stresses arise every day.

NMT is not burdened by the limitations found in disease-oriented methods of healthcare!

Used proactively, NMT can help the mind-body be aware of and respond to these challenges as they arise to help us stay well! How much wiser it is to maintain the health we have than struggle to regain health after it has slipped away?

Promote Healing

The mind-body was created with an amazing intelligence that allows it to produce a fully formed human being from a single cell and to develop into trillions of body cells communicating perfectly to heal the body and maintain vitality throughout its lifespan. When that communication fails, the NMT system is a unique and powerful tool by which the NMT practitioner enters into a carefully developed therapeutic dialog with the patient’s mind-body. NMT uses special routines of questions and corrective training statements that are organized into therapeutic templates known as NMT clinical pathways. Each of these pathways is a window into a specific area of body function. Because the NMT system is exceptionally thorough, there are NMT clinical pathways available to address just about every type of health problem. The NMT practitioner guides the patient through an NMT session by selecting the NMT clinical pathways to be used according to the priority the mind-body recognizes will be most effective. Follow-up sessions are used to evaluate how well the patient responded to the prior treatment session and determine treatment priority as we continue the NMT process.

Bodies suffer all sorts of negative impacts in life: trauma, toxins, infection, stressors including emotional, physical, chemical, malnutrition, and other challenges. Nutritional support, diet, and exercise are all important to help promote healing and prevent disease. NMT practitioners often recommend these as part of their treatment plan. Conventional medical care may also be needed, especially to support emergent conditions. NMT strives to never be in conflict with traditional medicine and to be complementary and supportive of medical care. In fact, NMT is often a vital tool used to assist conventional medicine in the process of healing illness and disease. No matter what other form of healthcare a patient may choose to receive, if the informational basis of illness has not been addressed, the healing resources of the mind-body simply cannot be applied efficiently. NMT is a powerful tool to help the mind-body freely realize its potential to heal.

Using NMT Along With Other Forms of Treatment

Other types of complementary or alternative medicines are often harmonious with NMT – acupuncture, chiropractic manipulation, homeopathy, and more. While other methods of informational medicine are available, none offer the rational, scientific, and carefully structured and thorough foundation that make NMT uniquely effective. Be sure to discuss with your NMT practitioner any other types of healthcare you may be interested in.

The Development of NMT

NeuroModulation Technique – The Feinberg Method (NMT) was developed by Dr. Leslie S. Feinberg, D.C. in 2002. NMT has garnered a reputation as a highly effective, yet especially safe form of alternative healthcare. Many thousands of people all over the world have turned to NMT for relief from allergies, and autoimmune illnesses such as arthritis, Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, lupus, myositis, scleroderma, inflammatory and other acute and chronic conditions.

Much of the focus of the NMT system is to optimize the immune system response to microorganisms that cause disease and for the encouragement of the beneficial flora required for health of the digestive and respiratory tracts and skin. Highly sensitive energetic NMT testing for body awareness of sub-clinical pathogens may signal their presence before they are numerous enough to show up on standard lab tests. NMT is also a powerful tool to address longstanding emotional and psychological complaints and phobias. Chronic pain patients often experience a reduction or even complete elimination of their pain within minutes of an NMT treatment. Many patients have found successful resolution of their health issues with NMT when conventional medical care and other types of “complementary “or “alternative” medicine have proven ineffective.

"As a chiropractor I saw good results with many issues, but I was still prerplexed here and there by patients that would just not seem to get better. The "Head scratcher" patient was typically tgge patient that would have a cronic candida issue, or some sort low grade infection, or autoimmunity that jus wouldn't resolve despite the strictest diet adherence, detoxification, and the most potent and effective nutraceuticals. After I found and integrated NMT in 2006...the results in my practice and my own life have not been the same!"

Matt Buckley, D.C.
Austin Texas

"As an acupuncturist who has practiced for 25 years and who has studied Chinese herbs and three different styles of acupuncture, I have a lot if tools to use in my tretment room. By adding NMT to my repertoire, I now feel I have all the tools I need to treat whoever walks through my door. NMT has enourmous range in its capacity to trat today's complex, chronic conditions involving the layering of allergies, toxicity, infections, metabolic malfunction, emotional scarring and the like. NMT now offices its practitioners one of the most effective tools I have ever used to deal with the emotional causes of illness. NMT Tends to erase or evaporate the emotional pattern instantly leaving the patient free to truly move in in his.her growth/healing."

Dan Ebaugh, L.Ac.
Kensington, MD

"My interest in learning NMT began when I was a patient and felt the immediate and profound results - allergy symptoms nearly disappeared and vision improved. I have always been curious to know how things works, down to the molecular interactions. My body's response to NMT piqued my curiosity- how did it work and could I do it to help people heal? To answer these questions, I took the seminars and am helping people heal. I've come to a new level of understanding of how things work- the quantum level. By doing NMT I apply the principles or quantum physics and see fantastic results with people. If there is a desire to go beyone the results from physical, homeopathic, and energetic healing, NMT is the answer. "

Luminara Serdar
Eugene, OR

"Someone once asked me why I practice NMT over the many other energy and intention based medicine modalities (such as NAET, JMT, etc.). My answer is that the other modalities usually address a very limited aspect of the cause of the illness. They may be treating one aspect but not the whole picture. With NMT, you get the whole box of crayons. Really, all the other modalities are contained within the construct of NMT. I have been using NMT in my practice since the second seminar Dr. Feinberg offered and haven't looked back. Quite simply, I find NMT to be a powerful, effective form of healing that when properly targeted produces consistently awesome results that I have not seen in the other modalities. It's a form of healing that utilizes everything that I bring to it as a practitioner and also adds to who I am as a practitioner."

Danielle Hampton, D.O.M.
Great Barrington, MA


Because the NMT system is exceptionally thorough, there are NMT clinical pathways available to address just about every type of health problem. The NMT practitioner guides the patient through an NMT session by selecting the NMT clinical pathways to be used according to the priority the mind-body recognizes will be most effective. Follow-up sessions are used to evaluate how well the patient responded to the prior treatment session and determine treatment priority as we continue the NMT process.

What is MRT: Muscle Response Testing

 NMT uses a unique form of dynamic muscle response testing (also known as dynamic MRT) as we apply our NMT protocol to train the mind-body toward the more valid and complete informational state required to release our natural capacity to heal. Every bodily function originates as an instruction, a set of information that is relayed to the cells which are responsible for performing that function, triggering it to begin and end. Incorrect body function inevitably results from incorrect information, relayed to the wrong place, at the wrong time. Every person is unique in their genetic heritage - that range of physiological possibilities of which the mind-body is capable.

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