NMT Connected Membership Student/Previous NMT

Are you a current College Student? 

Have you had previous NMT Training and are ready to finish NMT Universal Care?

We have a Perfect option just for you! 

We believe in supporting education of all forms. If you have had previous NMT training or are a current College student in any field of study (Verification will be required. Please email image of transcript to [email protected]), then we have special pricing options available to you. 

You have purchasing options.

By purchasing this item, you agree to:

A) A recurring monthly charge of $149.00 for the first 12 months, after which your membership will be reduced to $99.00 a month thereafter. 


B) One- Time initial payment of $570.00  (5% discount included) and $99.00 a month every month with automatic annual renewal for uninterrupted connectivity.

Choose your purchase option to the right and click enroll to get started right away!

What is included in NMT Connected Membership?

  • Access to Universal Care Online Training with the Newest Updates and All Materials needed available for download.
  • Also Included is access to Previous Symposiums recorded and uploaded online for viewing and training purposes. 
  • Your Practice information included on our Practitioner Listing  with a Map Search Feature to help guide clients your way once your training is completed. As an added bonus, each connected member gets a Bio Page attached to the practitioner listing to add a little more about your practice and/or YOU! 
  • Online Forum Support - helps you keep in contact with the other NMT Practitioners in our community, and inspire others by contributing your own experiences with the technique on our message board.
  • And... yearly attendance at the NMT Symposium!!

*Both options have  a 36-month minimum membership purchase requirement. You can cancel any time after the 36 months at no charge.

**Verification as student required or charged at regular new member pricing.


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