Dr. Vikki Sutherland D.C.

Sutherland Chiropractic


Contact Information:

9009 Oak Trail Circle

Santa Rosa, CA  95409

Phone: 707-322-0887 

email: [email protected]

Practicing NMT since: 2002

 Percent of practice NMT: 95%

Remote Care Available

I believe deeply in treating the whole person. After a major car accident in 1994 left me with severe back pain, digestive problems, sleep problems, and exhaustion, I saw many chiropractors, MDs, physical therapists, and many other practitioners with no relief. I finally found relief with the techniques I offer in my office. The main technique is Neuromodulation Technique, which treats the whole person - working with the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of healing naturally and non invasively. I also offer chiropractic, physical therapy and supplements including enzymes, natural hormones, and anti microbials to help the healing process. Examinations and treatments are personalized to treat the individual.


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