Bonny Flaster, DC, Dipl.Ac.

Steps For Healing Chiropractic

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3166 N. Lincoln Ave, #302

Chicago, IL 60657

Phone: 312-642-7545

Email: [email protected]


Percent of practice NMT: 90%

Practicing NMT since: 2002

Remote Care Available

Types of cases are you particularly experienced or make the focus of your NMT practice?  Over the years I have treated a number of people with vastly differing issues.  Allergies are a frequent complaint, as well as digestive issues, chronic and acute pain, blood sugar imbalances, stress, and emotional blockages to name a few.

 While my training as a chiropractor and acupuncturist gave me a good background for helping people, I knew there was something missing for some people, even with incorporating nutritional counseling and supplements.  Wanting to learn better ways to address seasonal allergies ultimately led me to find out about NMT and with that change the lives of the people who come to see me.  Many of my patients have been to see all kinds of different practitioners and not gotten the results that they wanted. Using NMT along with nutrition and sometimes lifestyle changes has been effective in promoting the healing that had been sought, often for many years.


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