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 I have been working in the healing arts for 15 years. As I look back, I know that my gifts have always been within me. Natural Healing makes perfect sense since the creator made all things in balance and harmony.  When we are in dis-ease, the logical way to create balance is finding what is out of balance in our body, mind or spirit.  When we look at our beautiful Earth, we see how she provides the perfect example of balance through nature.

 I worked at the Young Life Research Clinic in Springville, Utah as a QXCI Quantum specialist which was the clinical branch of Young Living Essential Oils. It was a potent learning experience to witness healing at many levels. I began to see the mind, body and spirit connection at a deeper level. I saw how working at the physical level, cleansing, rebuilding etc., could make improvements physically.  However, the patients who focused on their Emotional, mental, and spiritual issues made greater healing shifts.  This has led me to my current belief that if we focus at these levels at least as much as the physical we will see greater results. 

In February of 2015 I was searching for something more to deal with my current physical issues.  By Divine guidance, I was introduced to Dr. Leslie Feinberg.  I began NMT (Neuro-modulation Technique) with Dr. Feinberg twice a week to begin.

Immediately I sensed something greater than I had experienced with what I had known in my work.  I continued working with him for my own transformation, but also knew I had to learn this technique for myself.  I took all three levels of NMT in the spring, summer and fall of 2015.  I dove in head first and the more I work with clients using this technique the more amazed I am of its ability to transform not only the physical body, but all the bodies.  By working with the mind body the technique reprograms unwanted information into information that produces the preferred outcome, in the body, and life. Shifts can happen sometimes quite quickly and permanently.  I Love this work and feel very blessed to have found it. It has become my primary focus for this reason. This work can be done effectively using the principle of non-locality by Skype or phone, allowing anyone the opportunity to benefit from NMT. 

Today I use NMT as my foundational healing method.  I also offer journey work and inspired meditation to assist in personal and spiritual growth, for those who are interested in accelerating their conscious awareness, and transform the ego personality.

A State of Grace..... Peace, Love, and Harmony within the Self. The space in which healing takes place.


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