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Martina A. Becher

Boesselbach 30 a 57234 Wilnsdorf NRW Germany

Office Phone: 00491711467298

Email: [email protected]  

Percent of Practice NMT: My animal healing practice 100%

NMT Practitioner since: 2008

Remote Care Available

I am Psychologist Martina Becher, Germany based NMT practitioner specializing in remote care treatments for animals and their people.

 Helping dogs, horses, cats, birds and all other members of the animal kingdom makes me very happy – to see how much they enjoy NMT treatments and how quickly they heal from various conditions makes it all worth while.

 In my experience animals benefit greatly from NMT treatments, no matter what their issue or suffering is.

 Over the years I have  helped countless pets overcome Allergies, Arthritis, Infections, Auto- Immune Conditions, wounds that don't heal, chronic pain as well as emotional problems such as anxiety, trauma,shyness etc.

 Some fun information about me:

I am in my sixties, sharing life with two dogs, Gloria (Golden Retriever) and Cara (Black Russian Terrier). We love the woods, going for long walks as well as lazing about together.

To me, life without a dog is possible but surely not worth the effort...But this goes for all animal companions: We could live without them, but what kind of life would that be?


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Psychologist Martina Becher - NMT with Animals


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