NMT Universal Care in Rome - February 2012


I am pleased to announce that I will be bringing the NMT Universal Care Seminar to Rome, Italy February 10, 11, and 12 (Friday through Sunday), 2012.  Join me for a transformative three day seminar that will give you incredibly powerful new tools to heal yourself, your friends and family, and for health care providers, the clients of your professional practice.

Simultaneous translation, English to Italian, will be provided.  Manuals will be provided in your choice of English or Italian. 

Leslie S. Feinberg, D.C

Seminar location:
The seminar is to be held at the San Domenico Auditorium.  This is a very nice facility for the seminar.  They have 75 guest rooms at very reasonable prices.  They also have an on-site restaurant.
Auditorium San Domenico - Roma
Via Casilina 235
00176 Roma
tel: +39 06290260
fax +39 06274791

Seminar Schedule:
Friday, February 10 - 9:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Saturday, February 11 - 9:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. 
Sunday, February 12 - 9:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Seminar Cost: €699 ($924 USD at current conversion rate)

Rome seminar contact – Alessandra Prevedi
Email: supernatura@tiscali.it
Rome phone number:  +39 3388648127



What is NMT Universal Care?
NMT Universal Care is a completely new form of NMT.  It is designed to be used by health care professionals as well as lay people.  Even those not trained in health care will find NMT Universal Care easy to learn and use.  The seminar is taught with a minimum of technical language and previous training in anatomy, physiology, and other sciences is not necessary.

NMT is a unique form of “informational medicine” consisting of a system of therapeutic dialog between NMT practitioner and client.  NMT uses core dialogs called NMT clinical pathways, and each addresses certain aspects of body function such as allergy, autoimmune inflammation, infection, pain and other aspects of nervous system function, and the physiology of emotion that is so important in healing.  These NMT pathways are used to optimize mind-body self-awareness and to unlock the potential to use its unrealized options to heal.  

NMT Universal Care has been taught in many seminars in the U.S. and in Mexico City.  Clinical results reported by health care professionals and lay people have been fantastic.  Read the testimonials from NMT students at the end of this invitation.

Here is what you will learn:

 A new way to understand the way the universe is structured and how it functions that will convince you of the scientific foundation of NMT.

 Two unique forms of muscle response testing that allow you to accurately find out why the body is ill and let you train it to heal.

  Special dialogs called NMT “clinical pathways” instantly retrain the mind-body to restore its innate capacity to heal including:

  3 Unique NMT Universal Care Pathways to correct the emotional component of disease:  Some emotions feel good, some bad.  But, what are emotions for?  They are the mechanism the mind-body uses to coordinate the whole of the body into a coherent mode of action.  Anger, fear, joy – they induce particular physiological behaviors.  The problem is when we get locked into emotions and are unable to produce the emotions appropriate for the present moment.  NMT Universal Care offers tools to immediately find and fix such self-destructive nervous system patterns and restore the healthy emotional and psychological state required for healing.

 The NMT Affective States Pathway. You will learn how to bring immediate relief to emotional suffering and psychological pain.  The NMT model tells us that emotions set the operating mode and tone for the mind-body.  No emotion is good or bad, but when we become locked into emotions that aren’t appropriate for the present moment, they misdirect the body into a disease state.  Can you imagine that an allergy sufferer’s immune system might be stuck in a mode of fear misdirecting it to react against foods or airborne substances that are not really a threat?  Can you imagine that a mind-body stuck in a mode of rage might have a tendency toward arthritis or other inflammation? 

 NMT Universal Care Sensory-Motor Pathway:  Resolve pain, even pain of months or years duration in minutes. This incredible NMT module for control of musculoskeletal symptoms like pain and stiffness succeeds where pain meds and muscle relaxers have been of little help.  Imagine being able to stop pain and release muscle tightness in moments with no pills.

 NMT Universal Care Infectious Agent Pathway:  Ever wonder why one person in a family gets an infection and another doesn’t. It’s all about how accurately and efficiently the immune system is reading and responding to the challenge of pathogenic microbes.  NMT Universal Care retrains the immune system to recognize and respond to infection – bringing a quick end to respiratory, digestive, skin, and other types of infection without dangerous antibiotics.

 NMT Universal Care Allergy and Autoimmune Pathway:  Allergy and autoimmune diseases are conditions that clearly reflect confusion of the body’s systems to regulate its function.  How else to explain why our own immune system would attack the body or produce illness in response to foods or environmental substances that offer no real threat.  NMT resolves allergies of all types by finding and fixing the nervous system confusion that causes them – often immediately.

 NMT Universal Care Toxin Pathway:  Learn how to train the body to detox itself without the need for special supplements or medications.  Laboratory studies have shown 2x-3x increases in heavy metal elimination – solely by application of the NMT Toxin Pathway.

 Here's what people had to say about our first NMT Universal Care Workshop:

I have no words to thank Dr. Feinberg for the NeuroModulation Technique Universal Care Workshop. The  three days were wonderful and an incredible value. In the course I had the opportunity to be treated with this technique and I can tell you it changed my life. As I practice my skills, I wll be able to continue my own care after the workshop by doing the NMT self-care method. I wish I had photos of myself before and after NMT treatment. It's so exciting! I hope many people can take the NMT Universal Care Workshop because it will change their lives, too. The workshop is a unique opportunity and a great experience.

 I have a degree in Education and Neurolinguistics and specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and I can tell this NMT Universal Care Technique is unique and miraculous. It's easy to understand and apply right away. You will be amazed by the way NMT Universal Care frees the healing power we each have within us. This beautifully structured technique helps identify, preserve, and restore homeostasis. You cannot miss this opportunity for change and to expand your consciousness.

Carlota Romero de Terreros, Mexico City


I want to share my experience in the recent course of NMT Universal Care Technique. I had been treated by an NMT practitioner in Mexico City for fibromyalgia problems with very good results and I became interested to learn more about NMT Universal Care. 

Last March, I attended a three day weekend NMT Universal Care Workshop and enjoyed learning the wonderful information and knowledge Dr. Leslie Feinberg shared with us. I was treated by Dr. Feinberg in front of the group for anaphylaxis, an aggressive allergic reaction of my body to several fruits. The last time I ate them, I was rushed to the hospital, but following the NMT treatment I could eat cherries without any allergic symptoms for the first time. It was a frightening experience at first, because anaphylaxis can be a life threatening reaction. I have never seen a doctor do what Dr. Feinberg did with any patient and have the result of an immediate correction of this problem after a 30 minute NMT session!

I saw other amazing things, healing and improvement of symptoms, but the best was to have the tools to start treating my friends, family, and myself of course. Since taking the course I have used NMT to treat some health problems with great success including tendinitis in the wrist, generalized body pain, some adverse emotional states and thoughts, allergies, gastric reflux, and a type of reactive arthritis. I am surprised, excited, fascinated, and engaged by Dr. Feinberg's method and with all the knowledge he shared during the workshop.

Romy Flores, Psychotherapist, Mexico City


I want to share my  experience about NMT Universal Care.  First, I want to say that I first knew of NMT because of my  daughter. She used to be sick all time and I took her to an NMT practitioner and her health improved so much that I had to take the NMT Universal Care seminar to learn to care for my family myself.
Right after the seminar I was able to do NMT and produce great responses.  It has been a wonderful growth experience for me.  NMT is very easy to learn and to practice, even for a lay person like me.  I have been helping my family and some friends. They are very grateful for this work and have had wonderful changes in their health.  Just imagine.  I have been able to do this myself!!!" I feel so good about the results.  I never thought that I could heal somebody, but the results have been very fast, especially correcting infections and emotional suffering.
One of my first NMT treatment experiences was a very special case.  My friend´s father died three weeks ago. She was very distraught. After he died she was coughing constantly and her chest was tight and restricted. So, the first day I treated her, the cough disappeared, even though she previously had no improvement from taking antibiotics for almost a month. Wow!! That was amazing for me.  NMT made the passage through her grief so much easier.  I just want to say ‘Thank´s Dr. Feinberg’.

Gabriela Garcia,  Mexico City

 More details about the San Domenico Auditorium:
How to get to the seminar at Centro Congressi San Domenico -

  • From Termini central railroad Station: bus 105 - first stop after Ponte Casilino (8 stops from Termini Station)
  • From the airport: shuttle or train to Termini Station and bus 105
  • From the highway: exit 18 Casilina of the GRA, direction: centre of Rome


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